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Creating a Voucher Type with Advanced Configuration in Tally.ERP 9

If the Method of Voucher Numbering is set to Automatic, then an additional field to set the advanced configuration for the Voucher type is displayed. On setting this field to Yes, theAdvanced Voucher Type Configuration screen is displayed.


The Voucher Type Alteration will appear as shown :


Starting number

Give the number for the first voucher. Usually it is 1. You can set it to any number you want. Tally.ERP 9 will auto-increment from this number for subsequent vouchers. However, the numbering of vouchers also depends on other variables selected by you, explanations of which will follow hereafter.

Width of Numerical Part

You may leave it blank to let Tally.ERP 9 automatically adjust the width according to the number. However, if you would like to have a specific width to be fixed then set the same. e.g., 3.

Prefill with ZERO?

When the width is specified, the digits before the voucher number are left blank if this option is set to ‘No’.

E.g. Sales Invoice No: 1

If this option is set Yes, it pre-fills the space with zeroes based on the width of numerical part specified.

E.g. If the Width of Numerical Part is specified as 3,  and if Pre-fill with Zero is set to Yes, then it display the voucher number as below:

Sales Invoice No: 001

If Width of Numerical Part is specified as 4, then it displays the voucher number as below:

Sales Invoice No: 0001 and so on.

Restart Numbering


Voucher Numbering may be restarted with the starting number (as specified) at intervals selected by you - Daily, Monthly, Never, Weekly or Yearly. You must give the date when the numbering should restart in the field Applicable from. The date must be the first day of the month. You can specify more than one Restart dates. For example, should you wish to renumber your vouchers from 01 June 08 on a yearly basis, you must specify it in the next field. This would retain the numbering system in the prior period. If, however, you want to change the numbers from the beginning from monthly to yearly basis, simply alter the first field itself.

Prefix Details

If you want the voucher numbers to be prefixed with some fixed information, enter the information here. Examples of prefix details are:

  1. month of the voucher - April/

  2. company info like ABC/

  3. even fixed number series like 1000

Note: The numeric portion begins immediately after the prefix information. Therefore, be sure to give a space or a slash '/' or some special character to highlight a separation, e.g. we have specified April/. The slash would cause the voucher number to appear as April/001, otherwise it would appear as April001. This facilitates simple usage for fixed number series appearing as 200100001 where 2001 is the prefix, and 00001 is the starting number with a width of 5, and with leading zeros.


You can choose different prefix information for different periods or continue with one. The prefix continues from the date you mention under Applicable from till the next date that you may give under Applicable from. Hence, we have chosen to change the prefix from April to May when the month changes. Please note, however, that if we omit to change the prefix for the subsequent months (i.e. do not give Applicable from date for the month), your voucher numbers for even June, July etc would contain the prefix 'May/'.

Suffix Details

You can also give fixed suffix information for the voucher number. The same rules and effects as for Prefix Details are applied.

The Sales Invoice voucher number looks like this:


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