TallyERP9 Tutorial Part-27: Reports with Modification

1.  Reports in TallyERP9

On entering the vouchers, Tally.ERP 9 uses the same data and provides you with the management control reports in addition to all books and statements. The display of information is designed to allow a user to get the maximum benefit of the data that is entered.

The display screens of Tally.ERP 9 are dynamic and interactive. They are not spooled print files but are specially designed for the screen. What you see on the screen can be printed as well depending upon your printer’s capabilities.

After going through this unit, you will be able to:

  • Modify reports
  • Configure the Balance Sheet
  • View the Profit and Loss Account
  • Define stock summary
  • Understand the purpose of a trial balance report
  • List the transactions of a day book
  • Generate different types of books of account
  • Explain the exception reports available in Tally.ERP 9
TallyPrime Book (Advanced Usage) @ Rs.600
TallyPrime Book (Advanced Usage) @ Rs.600

Only the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account are displayed directly from the Gateway of Tally.ERP. Tally.ERP accords these statements the highest importance.

The Day Book contains all the vouchers for the day, including inventory vouchers. Its purpose is to show you a day’s transactions.

The List of Accounts gives the tree structure of all your masters, namely, Groups, Ledgers, Stock items, Cost Centres, Currencies, etc.

Exception Reports are reports that track unusual transactions or balances.

To display Report in Tally.ERP9, go to the following category of Reports:

Reports● Modifying Reports
Display Financial Statements● Display Balance Sheet
● Display Profit & Loss Account
● Display Receipts & Payment Account
● Display Trial Balance
Display Books, Registers and Ledgers● Display Sales Register
● Display Cash Book
● Display Bank Book
● Display Statement of Accounts
● Display Purchase Register
● Display Journal Register
● Display Day Book
Display Inventory Reports and Statements● Display Stock Summary
● Display Stock Items
● Location/Godown Summary
● Movement Analysis
● Stock Ageing Analysis
● Sales and Purchase Orders
● Reorder Status
● Display Batchwise Reports
Management Information System Reports● Receivables and Payables
● Cost Centre Reports
● Cash Flow Statements
● Fund Flow Statements
● Ratio Analysis Report
● Exceptional Reports
Printing Reports● Printing Reports

2. Modifying Reports in TallyERP9

On selecting a report name from a menu, the report is displayed. You can modify the display to suit your requirements using the appropriate buttons from the button bar.

F1 : Detailed/Condensed (Alt+F1)

Adds a further level of detail to the report, or condenses the report.

F2: Period

You can change the period of the report by specifying From/To dates.

Modifying Reports  in TallyERP9

F3: Company

If you have more than one company selected, this button enables you to switch among them to display the new company data in the current screen format.

F11: Features

Use this button to navigate to the Company Features menu.

F12: Configure

This button enables you to define the display of information in a report.

For example, depending on the report displayed you can specify whether it should be in horizontal/vertical/detailed/condensed format, show percentages, show gross profit, show opening and/or closing balances, change the periodicity, change the basis on which information is sorted, and so on.

For instance, if you want to view graphs with monthly reports:

1. Select the F12: Configure Button while in the Gateway of Tally screen and you will be taken to the Configuration menu.

2. Select General and by default Show Monthly Reports with Graphs under Other Options is set to Yes . If this option is No set it to Yes .

Modifying Reports  in TallyERP9
Modifying Reports in TallyERP9

F12 : Range (Alt+F12)

This button enables you to filter the information displayed based on monetary values.

For example, you can specify that you want Tally to display only Vouchers having Batch Names greater than 5,000 in a Day Book.

Modifying Reports  in TallyERP9
Modifying Reports  in TallyERP9

F12: Value (Ctrl+F12)

This button enables you to filter vouchers .

For example, you can specify that you want vouchers having Employee-Attendance Entries with their Designation containing all the details about the employee.

Modifying Reports  in TallyERP9
Modifying Reports  in TallyERP9

C : New Column (Alt+C)

This button enables you to add and display another column in the report to compare information.

Modifying Reports  in TallyERP9

You may choose to include post-dated transactions in the values while adding the column, by setting the option Types of Value to show to Actuals with Post-dated . You can also view reports with the values of only the post-dated transactions.

Modifying Reports in TallyERP9

A: Alter Column (Alt+A)

This button enables you to alter the details of a new column added previously, for example, the date range.  Select the column to be altered by positioning the cursor on it.

D: Del Column (Alt+D)

Use this button to delete the columns, which you no longer wish to have in the report.

N: Auto Column (Alt+N)

Use this button to add multiple columns to a report.

For example, add columns for each month, or to accommodate other companies if more than one company has been selected. You can also have a total column for some of the reports.

Modifying Reports in TallyERP9
Modifying Reports  in TallyERP9
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