TallyERP9 Tutorial Part-5: Stock Groups

Stock Groups in Inventory are similar to Groups in Accounting Masters. They are helpful in the classification of Stock Items.

As per requirement of the business numerous items can be created, but to generate a report on similar types of stock items you need the classification of stock items. This classification will help you to get stock report  in an organized manner. For example, Raw Material, WIP, Finished Goods, Hardware, Software, Electrical, Electronics, etc.

Grouping enables you to locate Stock Items easily and report their details in statements.

TallyPrime Book (Advanced Usage) @ Rs.600
TallyPrime Book (Advanced Usage) @ Rs.600

1. Creating a Single Stock Groups in TallyERP9

From this screen you can create a single stock group in the following manner :

1. Gateway of Tally.ERP9 > Inventory Info > Single Stock Group > Create.

Stock Group in TallyERP9
Stock Group in TallyERP9

2. Enter the name of the Group.

3. Select the group under which this group will be classified.

Know this :


Enter additional name apart from primary name [if required]. You can create any number of additional names.


Specify whether it is a primary group or a sub-group of another group, by selecting from the list.

Press Alt+C to create a parent group, if you do not have it in the list.

Can quantities of items be ADDED?

This field pertains to information on measuring the units of the Stock Items that you would categories under the Stock Group.

The Stock Items categorised under the group should have similar units for them to be added up. You cannot add quantities in Kgs to quantities in Pcs.

Any modifications such as name, change of parent group is possible here.

Set / Alter GST Details :

This Option is applicable when all the items under such Groups having the Same HSN Code and Same GST Rate. Otherwise, this option should be No if multiple GST Rates of Items under this group are there.

If this option is set to Yes, the Set / Alter GST Details for Stock Group screen will be as below :

Stock Group in TallyERP9
Stock Group in TallyERP9

Taxability :

Select Taxable for goods and services that are classified as taxable type of supply under GST. Select Exempt , if the type of supply is exempted from tax under GST, or select Nil Rated , if the tax rate applicable to the type of supply is 0% under GST.

Integrated Tax :

When you enter the integrated tax, state tax and central tax are calculated as half of the integrated tax specified. You can change state tax or central tax by using F12 configuration.

Press Ctrl+A to save.

Note: Category and Godown buttons are visible only if you opted for the same in F11: Features.

2. Displaying Stock Groups in TallyERP9

You can display the existing Stock Group in Single mode and multiple mode, since it is only display Tally.ERP 9 does not allow you to alter any information in display mode.

Gateway of Tally.ERP9 > Inventory Info > Single Stock Group > Display

3. Modifying / Deleting a Single Stock Groups

Gateway of Tally.ERP9 g Inventory Info g Single Stock Group g Alter

For deleting a group from the list the key combination is ALT + D. Remember that the group should be empty, which means that no stock item is under this group.

4. Creating a Multiple Stock Groups

Gateway of Tally.ERP9 g Inventory Info g Multiple Stock Group g Create.

1. Select / Create the group (for creation press ALT+C)

2. Enter the name of the groups

For Example: The Group ‘Accessories’ having different types of Groups

Accessories: Cabinet, CD Drive, Keyboard, Mother Board, Mouse, Processor

Stock Group in TallyERP9
Stock Group in TallyERP9

Items are Addable? (Y/N)

You can select whether units of the Stock Items under Stock Group are to be added or not.

[Practical Assignment]- DO IT YOURSELF !

Create the following Stock Groups either in Single Mode or Multiple Mode:

  • Accessories       
    • Cabinet
    • CD Drive
    • Keyboard
    • Mother Board
    • Mouse
    • Processor
    • RAM
    • Webcam & Others
  • Desktop (Branded)         
  • Desktop Pc (Assembled)
  • Hard Disk            
  • Laptop (Branded)           
  • Monitors            
  • Printer 
  • Software
  • UPS          
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